Building a healthy future for your children

The importance of exercise and sports for children

Children need movement just as plants need sunlight. It's not only essential for their physical health, but it also profoundly impacts their mental well-being and development. Let's delve into why movement and sports are so crucial for the younger generation.

KorfbalBenefits of exercise for children

Physical health

Regular physical activity improves the overall physical health of children. It strengthens muscles and bones, promotes a healthy weight, and helps maintain good posture and coordination. By being active, children reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other health problems later in life.

Enhancing well-being

Sports and exercise also contribute to the mental well-being of children. It helps reduce stress, improves mood, and promotes better sleep quality. Moreover, regular physical activity can help reduce anxiety and depression in children, making them more resilient to mental challenges.

Developing social skills and friendships

Moving and engaging in sports offer children the opportunity to develop important social skills. By participating in team sports, they learn teamwork, communication, and respect for others. This contributes to building self-confidence and developing a positive self-image.

Positive impact on the child's brain

It has been proven that regular physical activity has a positive impact on children's brain functions. It improves concentration, memory, and cognitive functions, which can result in better academic performance.

PaardrijdenBut how do you get your child moving?

As parents, educators, and communities, it's important to encourage children and provide opportunities for them to be active. This can range from outdoor play to organized sports, dance lessons, walks, cycling, and more. The key is for children to enjoy moving so that it becomes a natural part of their daily lives. How do you discover what suits your son or daughter?

Sport & Culture Card Amstelveen

With the SCA, children in Amstelveen are offered the opportunity to easily engage in a wide range of sports. Numerous activities are offered weekly:

Aikido, basketball, korfball, swimming, horeseback riding, badminton, judo to dance classes in Amstelveen. From free trial lessons to weekly free fitness in Amstelveen With a personal subscription, your child can immediately register for a class or activity.

More than just sports

When you think of movement, you automatically think of sports. However, participating in art and culture, music lessons, singing lessons, visual arts classes brings similar benefits. On the Sport & Culture website, you'll find, alongside sports, numerous other types of activities, lessons, and workshops for your child.


Exercise and sports are essential for the overall health and development of children. By supporting and encouraging them to be active, we're not only investing in their physical health but also in their mental and social well-being. Creating an environment that promotes movement lays the foundation for a healthy and happy future for our younger generation.

It's never too late to start!"