This is how you keep your New Year's resolutions for 2024

Goede Voornemens

This year I will exercise more, eat healthier, relax more... All good intentions. Almost everyone has them, almost no one sticks to them. At least not for long. The majority of resolutions fall apart by mid-January, and only 10% of the Dutch manage to stick to their resolutions in the long term.

Why good intentions almost always fail

New year, new opportunities. January 1st sounds like the ideal moment to work on yourself and your health. On December 31st, you leave behind the old year and your bad habits. After a great start, you can begin fresh. However, in practice, it turns out to be challenging every year.

Developing habits

Exercising more and eating healthier are some of the most popular resolutions, but they're not one-time goals you can achieve and check off. They are habits you need to develop, which takes time. Therefore, you miss the results and the motivation boost that comes from achieving a goal.

The season doesn’t help either

The leftover New Year treats, like oliebollen and apple turnovers, are still in the kitchen - a waste to throw away! You're still on vacation, so it's okay to enjoy doing nothing. Plus, it's cold, wet, and dark outside. You might think, 'I'll start next Monday!'

An age-old tradition

January isn’t the most convenient month to start your resolutions; it’s actually August. The weather is better for being active, and you're getting back into the school or work routine. That’s when it's relatively easier to add one or two healthy habits. So why do we always start in January?

Keeping the gods pleased

New Year’s resolutions have been a tradition for thousands of years, tied to New Year celebrations. It originated from the Babylonians making vows to the gods, like returning borrowed items. The Romans and medieval knights continued the tradition of vows to the gods.

Working on yourself

Today, resolutions are mostly personal goals. The famous 'exercising more' and 'eating healthier,' for instance. What’s on your list for 2024?

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3 tips to stick to your resolutions this year

Make it specific

Living healthier is a great resolution, but it's quite broad. Set small, specific goals you can achieve and celebrate: not 'I’ll exercise more,' but 'I’ll walk for at least two half-hour sessions weekly.'

Make it achievable

Don't try to restrict yourself too much. Completely avoiding sweets? That's hard to keep up! But what if you commit to putting a piece of fruit in your lunchbox every day? If you later crave something sweet, at least you've had something healthy!

Make it enjoyable

Many start January with running, but if that’s not your thing, try something else! If you don't enjoy something, it’s much harder to stick with it.

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