Verenigingscafe Amstelveen March 4: Sports does not happen by itself. Politics get moving!

Amstelveen, a city where sport and exercise are of paramount importance. With a thriving community and beautiful facilities, it's no surprise that Amstelveen is at the forefront of encouraging an active lifestyle. But as always, there is room for growth and improvement. During the Association Café on March 4, more than 70 involved participants came together to discuss how we can encourage even more Amstelveen residents to participate in sports and exercise, taking into account the message of NOC*NSF and the report of the Dutch Sports Council.Verenigingscafe 04032024 Web

"How do we get as many Amstelveen residents as possible to exercise and exercise together?"

One of the first concerns that emerged was the involvement of children from low-income families, young people and the elderly in sports activities. Councilor Marijn van Ballegooijen asked a few questions that formed the basis for this discussion:

How can we ensure that as many children as possible become members of a sports club, especially with the new minimum wage policy?
What would associations do specifically for the elderly if they received extra funding?
What would associations do specifically for young people if they received extra funding?

An essential aspect that emerged was the role of communication and accessibility. By good communication with the target group and offering trial lessons, more people can be encouraged to participate in sports activities. In addition, several associations emphasized the importance of a sportswear and materials bank, which removes financial barriers for people from low-income families.

We are convinced that the Amstelveen Sports and Culture Card can play a role in solving these questions. For example, during the association cafe we ​​gave an introductory presentation about the functionalities and mission, which emphasized the importance of access to sports and cultural activities within the community.

The Amstelveen Sports & Culture Card offers a platform where all providers of sports and culture in the area can highlight their activities for free. Making the market transparent and clear is a crucial step in making residents aware of all available activities. In addition, the Sport & Cultuurkaart Amstelveen offers a subscription pass with specific offers for kids, teens and the elderly. This pass is the same for all members, which is important to avoid poverty shame. In addition, the card is already known in the municipality and has a trusted reputation among its loyal members. This will promote further communication and marketing.

The future of Amstelveen as an active and healthy community looks bright. With involvement and cooperation between various stakeholders, we can work together to build a city in which sport and exercise are accessible to everyone. Let us continue to strive together for a healthier and more active future for all Amstelveen residents.

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