Frequently asked questions about participating in activities

Cardholders and students often ask us these questions.  Perhaps the answers will also help you! Still not figuring it out? Then contact us. We are happy to help! 

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May I cancel a booking? plus-icon
I am not satisfied with the course, can I get my money back? plus-icon
I don't have a Sport & Culture card and would still like to book a class or activity with a provider. plus-icon
Can I cancel my Sport & Culture Card Amstelveen? plus-icon
If my child does not have the Sport & Culture Card Amstelveen with them, can they still participate? plus-icon
Which payment methods are accepted by the platform? plus-icon
Who are the providers of lessons and activities on the Sport & Culture Card website? plus-icon
What can I do when I don't receive a verification code in the email? plus-icon
Will I receive a confirmation after my booking? plus-icon
How can I change my email address? plus-icon
What does SCA or S&C card Amstelveen stand for? plus-icon
What if my Sport & Culture Card Amstelveen is lost or broken? plus-icon
I would like to have my children participate in sports, but the monthly amount is unfortunately not feasible for me. plus-icon
Are my details shared with third parties? plus-icon
How does the direct debit work? plus-icon
Can I register myself as a teacher? plus-icon
Is the quality and reliability of the teachers on SCA guaranteed? plus-icon
Are the workshops accessible to people with special needs? plus-icon

Frequently asked questions about teaching

We sometimes get these questions from teachers. Maybe the answers will help you too! Still no luck? Then contact us. We are happy to help! 

Can I offer business courses? plus-icon
Can I offer more courses at the same time? plus-icon
How can I change my profile information? plus-icon
Can I teach at the students' home? plus-icon
Can I use my own terms and conditions? plus-icon
How can I assign homework for my students? plus-icon
What if I can't make one lesson or want to change a time? plus-icon
How can I change my profile information? plus-icon